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06 Sep 2019


On 6 September, 2019 Dynasty International School at Sector-28, Faridabad celebrated Teacher’s day with full gusto and glee to honour the tradition of this day, which is special for both teachers as well as their pupils.
The programme started on a bright note welcoming and introducing our honourable guests from Bharat Vikas Parishad, followed by the auspicious lightening of the lamp.
This year Dynastians celebrated ‘Teachers day’ as a tribute first to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and then garlanding as a special tribute to Madam Bimla Verma the motivational figure and mentor for every Dynastian. Flowers were also offered on behalf of all by the Principal Sir Mr. Nitin Verma and Director Mrs. Kalpana Verma. In his speech Mr. Nitin Verma attributed the importance and influence of teachers on the society as a whole. He applauded and reminded the importance of teachers on how they mould and shape the future generation. He reminded one and all to take the school to dizzy heights as was the dream of our Principal Mam. Remembering her on this day misted everyone’s eyes. It also brought remembrance of the old days when she was around.
The students showed their genuine love and respect with a plethora of cultural events, starting with a group song dedicated to teaches. A nukkad natak was performed highlighting once again the importance of a teacher, also how she is a source of great inspiration; which can change the lives of their pupil.
There was an inspirational skit performed by the Orchid wing teachers. It was preceded by a dance with full energy and vigour on motivational numbers.
Our honourable guests from Bharat Vikas parishad honoured teachers in recognition of their significant contribution in the field of education. Along with them students were also appreciated those of them who had excelled in academics as well as in extra curricular activities. The guests were also bestowed momentos as a token of love and appreciation from Dynasty family. For sure everyone’s heart , mind and soul would have been touched celebrating this special day along with remembering our mentor, our Principal Mam who will always live in our hearts.

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