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Play schools in Faridabad is Synonymous with childhood. Play schools help the children to showcase their creativity while simultaneously developing their sense of imagination . The most happening play school in Faridabad is the Orchid Wing of Dynasty International School. The play school teaches in any easy and playful manner which helps in the school and emotional building of a tiny tot. The Play school at Dynasty is at her with the best school in Faridabad. The environment provided is such that a child explores not only the self, but also around him/her. The play schools in faridabad/ Pre Schools in Faridabad not only fulfils the academic needs of a child but also offers a vivid variety of games and activities. The teachers are just like second mothers, where the kid learns the best of the two words; One the comfort of the house and second the rigours of a school life. The child not only learns a, b , c, क , ख , ग , but also 1, 2 , 3……………., . To help kids learn pre-math skills, teachers will ask their little students to count food items during snack time, use calendar to count down days to their long awaited preschool play, or play memory games with them. The building blocks for the success of his future life. The teaching method is such that it broadens the thinking power of a child. It answers all the questions of life put up by the child and gives him /her a direction, to lead a satisfied life. The positive vibes of the pre schools in Faridabad is not only felt by the students, but is even felt by the parents, and by the society as a whole. In a must shell if the foundation is sound and solid, the rest is bound to be worth seeing.

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Our vision to create a school commonly where everyone feels valued has the opportunity to explore. Develop their strengths and participate in new experience.

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Education Through Celebrations

2017-08-28 by dynasty

In keeping with the motto that education is best imparted...


Festivities galore

2017-08-28 by dynasty

Our horizon is so vast and our culture is so...


The School has developed as a landmark in the field of education with emphasis
on the overall growth in keeping with the times.

Mr. Rajiv Gupta

The culmination of activities and curriculum in the school is helping bring out
the best in my kid. Kudos to DYNASTY .

V.S Sharma

The School emphasises on enhancing the overall development of the kids,
instead of just making bookworms.

Ms. Sudha Lakra.

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