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Our Curriculum

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Our balanced Curriculum prepares children for kindergarten-emotionally and intellectually.Our learning community encourages the process of children’s natural curiosity and their desire to make sense of their environment to guide the learning process.This type of approach build’s children’s confidence in their abilities to discover,explore,notice,wonder,and document our curriculum a balance of various philosophizes and practices. Each moment of our day offers opportunities to explore,questions to pressure, hypotheses to investigate & discoveries to celebrate. Our Curriculum includes the following

An Emergent Curriculum:

  • The Outdoor Classroom
  • The Nature-Based Playground
  • Hands On Learning
  • The Environment is Also a Teacher

Our Philosophy

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Dynasty Believes that the purpose of education is the actualization pf human potential,the development of a sense of dignity and self worth and the strengthening of respect for human rights fundamental freedom and human diversity.


The Key Abilities that we at Dynasty focus on are:

  • Development Of Language Skills.
  • Musical.
  • Social and Interpersonal Skills.
  • Self help Skills.
  • Spatial.
  • Sesnsorial.
  • Logical Reasoning and mathematical Skills.
  • Making Choices.
  • Awareness of the world around them.
  • Looking after the Environment.


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The Program and Activities for ORCHID kids have been designed to develop inspiring minds and healthy bodies.


Sensorial activities: Encourage children to use their senses to explore the world around them.

Language Concepts: Help children develop a love for books and reading and develop pre writing and writing skills through use of stories and themes.

Numerical Concepts: Which are taught thorugh a hands-on,practical approach so that fundamentals concepts are preparely understood.

Play-based learning activities: Such as dramatic play,creative play and play with sand and water.

Science and nature studies: Provide children with an oppurtunity to make their own investigations and carry out simple experiments.

Creative activities: Help our students develop their creative side through different art and craft media,through music and drama.

Physical development activities: Help in the development of strength,balance,stamina,and cordination.

Our Trained Teachers

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"a Teacher Takes A Hand, Opens A Mind & Touches A Heart"

Teacher Traning

Our teachers are carefully selected and bring forth a combination of requisite skills and attitude to work with children in the early years. The teachers undergo continuous professional development by experts to understand their own selves; to work in collaboration;to keep abreast with cutting edge research and innovation to ensure excellence in education and care of early learners.Our Teachers are a team of classroom instructions leaders, creative and performing art specialist,special educators, counselors, care providers and nurses.

Teacher Traning
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