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Registration Form Dynasty Orchid

    Age as on Ist April, 20.....


    Tick the class to which admission is soughtPre-NurNurK.G.

    Family Particulars




    Academic Qualification

    Name of School

    Name of University/College



    Office Address

    Ph. No.

    Mobile No.

    E-mail add. (if any)

    Annual income

    Previous academic record of the student

    how did you learn about Dynasty International School ? (tick where applicable)Word of mouthNewspaperFriends

    Weather belong to :SCSTOBCGeneral

    Details of siblings (sister or brother)


    1. The registration made herein does in no way entitle my ward to be admitted to the school and also does not entitle me or my ward for the remittance of registration fee if any.

    2. I have made careful note of various details regarding the payment of the school fees. I will make satisfactory arrangements for remittance of school fees by the 10th of every fee payment month.

    3. I understand that rendering false or misleading information or withholding correct information may disquilify the child.

    4. Having read carefully the rules, regulations and procedure laid down by the school, I hereby agree to adibe by them and any changes thereafter in all respects. I understand that the decision of the Principal shall be final and binding.


    1. Incomplete form may not be considered. The following self attested documents must be attected with this form.

    2. Photocopy of the birth certificate.

    3. Photocopy of the prvious academic record.

    4. Two recent passport size photograph of the pupil & one each of the parents.

    5. Fees once paid is not refundable for any reason whatsoever.

    6. Kindly ask for transport form, incase looking for school transport.

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