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Virtual Teaching Mode
15 Apr 2020

Virtual Teaching: Our Bit To Fight COVID 19

To beat the further spread of COVID-19, the Indian government has suspended ongoing classes and activities in schools. This implies that all the schools and institutions would remain close till the next notice from the government. To keep up with this and to fulfill our goals we have found an alternative to it.

Apart from it, we are also working at our full strengths to cope with the current situation in every way possible. Teachers and students of our school are coming up with interesting videos on COVID-19. We as a school are trying to aware more and more people about COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Dynasty International School has shifted to online teaching and learning mode. With the help of the latest technology, we are able to cater quality education to all our students.

Dynasty International School is located in Faridabad, Haryana

We are going to give you an insight on how virtual teaching is binding us and our students to a thread of mindful and good quality education.

Pdf of Book Content: We have provided online pdf of book content to students for all the subjects. We have given an organized pdf of book content so that students can easily read and understand it.

Videos Explaining Chapters: We made explanatory videos on all the chapters for all the subjects. These videos ensure a better understanding of the concept for students. These videos cover everything in huge length for a better understanding.

Synopsis of the Chapter and Brainstorming Assignment: For every subject we have given our students a chapter wise synopsis. The synopsis is the gist of the chapter. It contains every detail that a student should know while reading that particular chapter. This synopsis of the chapter comes with a brainstorming assignment. Brainstorming assignments are a good way for both the students and teachers to understand whether the student has understood the concept of the chapter or not.

Apart from the providing online study material and assignments, the performance assessment is also being done. All the teachers have been adequately trained in respect to access the virtual teaching mode.

The idea of online teaching and learning is to ensure that students throughout get a better understanding of all the concepts, irrespective of the situation. We really hope for the betterment of the current situation. We are all in this together. So, let’s stand up for the future of our country. Together we can make a significant change in the quality of a student’s education.

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