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25 Jan 2020


Dynasty International School celebrated 71st Republic Day in all its Solemnity and grandeur on 25th Jan 2020 in the special school assembly. The occasion was graced by our honourable Principal Sir, Mr. Nitin Verma and Director Ma’am, Mrs. Kalpana Verma. The students saluted the National Flag which was hoisted by our Principal Sir, Director Ma’am along with the academic coordinator. Everybody pledged to uphold the honour, integrity and diversity of our Motherland, India. This was followed by National anthem wherein everybody showed respect to our nation – India.
A beautiful speech by our Director Ma’am really instilled the feeling of patriotism in everybody’s heart. She urged all to feel proud to be an Indian.
The choir group presented the patriotic song “Teri Mitti”
The whole school joined the choir and the song reverberated in the surroundings.
This was soon followed by a mind-blowing orchestra wherein several musical instruments were played which mesmerised the atmosphere.
The students Mehar Singh and Bhavishyata brought the stage alive with their passion and love of the motherland through their speech, where they explained the true meaning of the word “ Republic”.
A splendid and heart touching poem on ‘ India – our Motherland’ was recited exceptionally well by Akhil Sheoran.
This was followed by a beautiful dance with attractive props which left the audience spellbound.
Our Director Ma’am, Mrs. Kalpana Verma facilitated the scholars of session 2018-19 along with the winners of Olympiads and various competitions who brought laurels to the school. This has indeed added a feather to the cap of Dynastians.
The assembly concluded with the address by our Director Ma’am who emphasised on the fact that the students of today are the nation builders of tomorrow so they need to understand the real significance of “ Patriotism”.

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