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04 Mar 2021

How to choose the best CBSE school in Faridabad

Choosing the right school lays the foundation for a child’s career. It is one factor that plays a major
role in how a child’s life ahead will look like. The biggest concern of the parents is to choose one of
the best schools for their child. With continuously changing trends in education and to get
admission in a good school is very important. Through this blog, parents as well as students can
navigate easily to search the school of their choice.

For parents, the task of choosing the best CBSE school in Faridabad for their child is very important and
challenging that has a long-term impact on their child’s future. The process of selecting good school
is time-consuming, often exhausting, as there is hardly any room for any error. But, to your relief,
the leading institute among the best CBSE schools in Faridabad tends to have a few characteristics
which work to elevate its education level.

School plays a vital role in child’s life as it not only gives knowledge but also helps the children to
learn the expected ways and behavior to live in a social environment. It also helps children to think
and act critically. If you are located in Faridabad NCR and you are looking for the best schools for
your child, there are few factors that you will have to keep in mind.

1. Curriculum Structure:-

Parents probably would have a curriculum design in their mind that their child to study in. Thus, the
first parameter they should look into is whether their selected school is surpassing their
expectation. A great school will successfully blend all modern methods of learning without ignoring
the positives of conventional ways and give importance to visual and application-based education.
Go for a school who can clearly state the curriculum they regularly follow. Pitch it against the views
and select based on their proficiency.

2. Ease of Communication:-

Does the school maintain a clear line of communication between their teachers and their parents?
What are the ways the parents can get in touch with the school? During the preschool stage, a child
leaves the comfort of his/her home and stays in a totally new environment surrounded by strangers.
Regular communication among parents and teachers is crucial during this time to make the child
comfortable in school and when a child advances through the grades, parents’ involvement is
necessary. Students learn better when their parents pitch in. Ease of communication is thus
important for a child’s academic development.

3. Focus on Extra-Curricular Activities:-

The reputed schools always focus on extra-curricular activities along with the academics. Parents
should judge a school not only by the number of options it has but also by how much weight is the
institute placing on these activities. Regular involvement in extra-curricular activities is known to
impart interpersonal skills among children, lead to better motor and cognitive development, and
enhance the comprehension level of their education. So, a good school always lay deep focus on the
activities that students find interest in and allow them substantial time within the school hours to
participate in them. The schools provide students with the balance needed and not overwork them.
The balance between games and academics is important to boost up a child’s overall growth.

4. Faculty Experience and Training:-

Every aspect of a great school comes together to make it the best when the parameters are stitched
together efficiently by the teachers. They are the ones who impart education, make sure that
students receive proper guidance and direct the learning minds towards the right avenues of
development. An ideal faculty team will have a mix of experienced teachers and new candidates.
The principal leading this team must be a veteran educator herself and the school must have
considerable resources to train its faculty regularly and help them to update their teaching methods
as per the modern requirements.

5. Existing Parents’ Feedback:-

Probably the most effective way to judge a school’s performance is to contact the institute’s current
parents and request feedback from them. In fact, the good schools have testimonials up on their
website and facilitating a campus visit. Parents can easily clear out their queries from existing
parents as they are equipped to give you the inside story about the school based on their
experience. A few opinions will be enough for the parents to draw the conclusion.
Thus all the above parameters are important to keep in mind while selecting a good school. Our
children deserve the best so that they could grow up into a confident individual ready to succeed in
life. The right kind of school plays a very important role in building a strong character of a child.
Growing up, every child has a certain dream. A dream to become a doctor, an engineer, a scientist,
or to serve the nation. A good school plays a major role in shaping a child’s future and guides them
towards a secured future.

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