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Faculty Development Programmes at Dynasty International School
28 Jul 2020

Faculty Development Programmes at Dynasty International School

To control the rapid increase in the coronavirus cases, the Central Government and State Government called a complete nationwide lockdown. This complete lockdown has indeed altered so many significant areas of our life. The fact that we can’t step out of our homes has brought changes in our lives. To make peace with this new lifestyle we have accepted certain things such as wearing masks and sanitizing our hands regularly. Apart from it, Dynasty International School  adapted these new concepts of self-isolation and social distancing for our’s as well as other’s safety.

For a comfortable remote living in this situation, we have to learn new tactics. After a nationwide lockdown, the Ministry of Human Resource Development ordered the whole educational sector to shut down too. To keep the classes going and children engage they asked universities, colleges, and school authorities to follow the virtual mode of teaching.

Dynasty International School has gone a step ahead than online teaching with its staff management, parents, and students. The aim is not only to do effective teaching and learning but also to nurture the inner growth of the individual. Undoubtedly the present situation has impacted students on so many levels. So, we are trying to keep our students busy by engaging them in online classes and various extracurricular activities.

We are trying to help our teachers through various digital workshops and webinars on how to optimize the path of virtual teaching. Till now our faculty have attended two digital programs on how to teach effectively in self-isolation. Let’s have a detailed insight into each one of them:

The first initiative was a webinar which was organized by Indiannica Learning on 20 June 2020 exclusively for the teachers of Dynasty International School on the Zoom App. The webinar was hosted by Mr. Saurabh Beniwal (Renowned Motivational Speaker) on the topic “Stress Management”.

In this online seminar various techniques of stress management were discussed and how they have to be effectively implemented in life were explained by the host. Many innovative ideas like; 3 Gems of Life, how the attitude and behavior of a human being changes in bad and good times, and the Mehrabian model. Teachers were stumped after listening to such conveniently applicable methods of managing stress.

The second initiative was the digital workshop organized by Macmillan education on 2 July 2020 for science faculty (III to V). The workshop was hosted by Monica Sardana on the topic “Use of digital content in online teaching”.

In the workshop, she explained different features like e-book (including audio), fascinating facts, project studies, worksheets including questions other than which are in the book and these worksheets have autocorrect options. Also, there is a test generator that can help teachers to generate tests as per their own choice of difficulty level.

The third initiative was an online workshop, organized by Orient Blackswan publication on Tuesday, 24 June 2020 for the English faculty of Dynasty International School. The workshop was hosted by Ms. Kavita Iyer on the topic “Interactive ways of Teaching English”.

English Faculty of Class – III to VIII participated in the workshop including; Mrs. Rekha Mukherjee, Mr. Anjul Chugh, Ms. Reena Sachdeva, and Ms. Deepti Bhasin. During the session, Ms. Kavita Iyer told about the various benefits of using the smart boards which make the learning interactive and keep the children engaged in the studies.

The host very effectively guided the teachers about how they can motivate children to learn new things very easily. She also told them about the different features of interactive teaching by using the website material provided by the publisher which would make the class interesting and effective with Animated stories, Picture galleries, Question Paper Generator, Presentations, etc. It was really a great opportunity to learn so many new and innovative things from the session, moreover, after the workshop, the teachers felt confident to use the smart boards effectively.

Each of these digital programs had explained how to teach students effectively through an online medium in this lockdown. Our teachers have got an array of options on how to do strategic teaching to bring the best out of a child. We hope to do more webinars and workshops to keep our faculty upgraded so that they can help students in the best way possible!!


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