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Dynasty International School

Logo & Motto

Dynasty – a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family. The Management,Teachers and other Staff Members and the beautiful young minds, our students, together make a “DYNASTY”. Dynasty International school is a family of achievers, determined people who work diligently to carve a niche for themselves in this world. We at Dynasty International School prepare the tiny tots to face the world and step with energetic steps towards the unfound horizons.

At Dynasty, we believe in “synergy”, where the efforts of all matter. Dynasty International stands on the strong pillars of humanity, togetherness, teamwork, compassion, love and harmony , sharing with and helping others and inculcating positive attitude amongst all.

We strive to provide an education that embraces all aspects of a child’s being, enabling the students to meet challenges and lead life with a knowledge supported by wisdom, ethical values, good decision-making skills, and a respect for all life. Students are helped to be well-balanced in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life, and are encouraged to see themselves as citizens of a global community whose prosperity and well being depend on harmony, peace and co-operation.

We propagate and strongly believe in………… ”TOGETHER WE GROW”…………..!

  • Together we can achieve insurmountable heights…
  • Together we can achieve the extra-ordinary…
  • Together we can help each other to go for that extra mile…
  • Together we can be the Winners in all fields of life…

At Dynasty, to make the world aware of our indomitable courage we have formed four logos to define ourselves and imbibe the positive vibes of these elements in our “future leaders”, our students.

FIRE, is a symbol of divine energy. Fire represents the energy of sun and life. We foster the very energy of the Sun by making our students outshine the rest and making them understand the importance of this life which God has provided them with and to live life with compassion towards all.

EARTH, the energy of earth is nurturing and grounding, inducing togetherness and closeness. Additionally it stimulates learning and knowledge. And this is what we aspire to achieve at Dynasty and make our students imbibe the same in their lives. Their lives need these pillars of strength to make a mark for themselves in this competitive world.

WATER, is a crucial element because it constantly moves, carries and accumulates, through the environment. Flowing water is very relaxing and soothes the spirit .Similarly, we want our students to spread freshness wherever they go and avoid stagnation in life.

AIR, we can’t live without this important element of nature and it comes to all unbiased. Hence, we want our students to inculcate in them the basic humanitarian values and love all, without any prejudices.’

Hence, Dynasty International School would be remembered in years to come by our blooming buds whom we have nurtured and fostered the energy of the elements of nature.