Dynasty emphasizes in latest physical training. The building up of the strength, speed, endurance and flexibility are closely guided by the fitness expert. There is special emphasis swimming . Life guard and coaches are always present to guide the students. We have got a field for children to play a variety of sporting activates like volley ball, basket ball, football and cricket. The Sports programme aims at helping all students become agile, skillful and strong. DIS provides many opportunities for students to take part indoor games like carom, chess etc. Dynasty is running a Table Tennis Academy which have trained coaches and also promotes the children for the higher level computation.


The DIS school library can boast of being one of the best, in terms of catering to the needs and wants of our student body. Books and novels covering to a vivid spectrum of topics right from inspirational autobiographies and biographies of the world’s most memorable people, events and places to downright fantasy world tales are available to be used at random by the students and their teachers. In addition to the ones mentioned earlier, the DIS library also houses all the leading dailies, the weeklies and the monthly periodicals, local and national, magazines and write-ups dealing with an educational or a social appeal.

The school library here at DIS is stationed with the hope and expectation that it is used to the maximum by all the students studding here. Great care has been taken to choose a perfect set of books in a variety of subjects, and in re-allocating them to different age/class groups so as to ensure that the children here take delight in reading and knowing and never ever be burdened by anything which they are not yet mature enough to comprehend. A book is a man’s best friend, here in this school; we hope to make that every boy’s and every girl’s. Our library accommodates almost 100 students at a stretch.


We have an A/C auditorium with a sitting capacity for 300 people, where theme assemblies, functions and gatherings are held to enrich the Dynastians with space for creativity and confidence . It has built-in podium for the students to perform various creative performances and deliver speeches to the audience. It creates young minds to built up experiences towards a greater platform so as to being an impact to the outside world.


For the conduct of swimming activity as well as the practices for preparation of teams, to participate in various competitions, we have swimming pool, the sanitary & hygienic conditions of which are especially taken care. The changing rooms both for girls and boys are spacious and equipped with requisite amenities. Every class has a period allotted for swimming in its timetable. A separate pool is specially designed for our little ones and qualified trained lifeguard to ensure the safety of the child. As an ardent proponent of extracurricular activities for personal growth and development, DIS offers top-of-the-line sports and physical training facilities, as part of its mission to foster a holistic learning experience. The focus goes beyond strength and fitness, encompassing crucial lessons in the art of winning and the importance of being a team player.


Children are given the best opportunities to develop their potentials outside classroom curriculum. A place well stocked with educational play systems, toys and games is provided to help the children develop their motor skills and muscular development.