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How are We Different


Dynasty differs from traditional education in several important ways.

  • It is child centered.
  • Individualized learning is the key factor.
  • All aspects of the child are developed(physical, emotional, moral, social and intellectual).
  • Learning is achieved through direct experience and active involvement.
  • Students learn thier own pace.
  • Self direction is encouraged.
  • Small sized class rooms.
  • DIS teachers tailor their instructions and adjust the curriculum to students needs rather than expecting students to modify themselves for the curriculum.
  • The first and most important step in differentiated instructions is determining the students level of knowledge.
  • In accordance innovative methods are used to retain their interest with an aim to take them to a higher level.
  • The goal of differentiated instructions is to develop challenging and engaging tasks for each learner( from low-end learner to high-end learner ).